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Hi Everyone, I’m back from my travels and just beginning to catch up. The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Chain Link 2000 Conference in August in Cleveland, Ohio, was an absolutely winner! The fashion show was a joy with stunning wearables created by members of CGOA. Each time a conference is held, members of the local chapter work magic preparing for the conference. At the evening events there are always table displays that have been crocheted by members of that guild. You get to take that item home as a memento of the event. This time there was a flat circular piece with the world on it in crocheted yarn and an aluminum hook attached plus a delightful crocheted cup and saucer with crocheted florals in the cup. Absolutely charming. Think of all the work it took to make over 200 of those items plus all the planning for the event. I appreciate the thought and work of each Chain Link event.

Every minute at this conference was a joy, meeting old friends from past conferences and new found friends. It is such a joy to be part of an organization that has no primadonnas, everyone is down to earth and friendly. It is a real gathering of friends who love the same subject, crochet.

I love being a vendor at this event because I can demo my latest techniques in bead crochet and beading. Crocheters are very interested in beading and adding it to crochet. Being a vendor, I eventually get to meet everyone plus a chance to look through all the other fiber goodies in vendor booths nearby. Did I spend money? You bet!

The accommodations were very pleasant and all the staff very helpful. You had only to ask and someone was there immediately to help. Professional Day was a real hit, everyone loves it. Professional Day is set up for those who would like to become professional designers and for those who are already professional designers but would like some additional tips and support. CGOA provides many different types of information to you as a designer. Need a mentor, become a member of CGOA and help will be there for you.

I taught a Faubles & Baubles class and it was so much fun, everyone loved it, especially me!

I had helpers at my booth, Theresa Grandstaff, my crochet pal in Florida and Judi Schwartz, my new found crochet pal from Virginia. Two very talented gals who helped everything run very smooth for me and Dennis, the WebWizard.

The General Meeting was very informative, finding out about the inner workings of CGOA and what everyone’s interests are. Beading seems to be gaining interest among members as a plus to crochet.

The exhibits were a pleasure, especially the toy exhibit. Everything was top notch, exciting creations with many changing shape from one type doll to another. You really should come to the conferences and see it all first hand.

I spoke about my “Science Project,” a bead crochet and beading exhibit I hope to see evolve in about two to three years. Members of CGOA will be working with me to make it happen. There was very positive response for support from members and I am very excited about the prospects.

Chain Link 2001, Sacramento, California   The next conference will be in August. Don’t miss all the fun. Make plans now and put it on your calendar. I will be teaching classes and have a Beadwrangler booth there. Check the CGOA website for more information.

Crochet Renaissance 2000 was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September.. Philadelphia is a lovely city full of American history. Many of the buildings are steeped in age and of beautiful architecture. This was an Annie’s Attic event. I enjoyed crocheters, spinners and beaders face to face that I had met previously via email and people new to crochet and bead crochet. I enjoyed hearing Annie Potter, founder of Annie’s Attic, speak on crochet history and seeing slides of crochet around the world. Annie retired and sold Annie’s Attic sometime ago and now spends her time in continued research of crochet history.

I will be teaching classes combining bead crochet and beading next year. In May I will be teaching Heirloom Tassels at the Miami Bead Expo 2001. This is primarily a bead crochet class with a small amount of bead embellishment included. Students will have enough material in their kit to make an heirloom tassel and a rope that includes a bead crocheted bead, a crocheted ring and hang the heirloom tassel for a one of a kind necklace plus matching earrings.


Heirloom Tassel Beadwrangler Class
Students start by working with large seed beads and thick thread, crocheting a sample rope section before beginning to work with small seed beads and thread. When you make a tassel, you go through the same beginning steps that are required to make a bead crocheted rope. I will demo all the techniques and show you how all the component pieces of the tassel come together. I will explain putting the rope, bead crocheted bead, crocheted ring and other sections together to form a designer necklace. This is a class for beginner and advanced crocheters. Those new to crochet will spend more time learning the basics of bead crochet and then begin working on their tassel. Advanced crocheters who already know how to crochet with beads can immediately begin crocheting the tassel and component pieces. We will make beaded “wedgies” on bead crochet and I will show you unique techniques in bead crochet.

This class is about bead crochet techniques, adding beading to crochet, new cutting edge designs, creativity and focusing on an heirloom tassel as the project. Advanced crocheters may finish the heirloom tassel during class; those new to crochet will spend more time on perfecting the techniques and finish their tassel at home. The Heirloom Tassel 20 page booklet includes complete instructions for making the tassel, rope and components included in the kit plus designs for an additional tassel, bead crocheted bead and doll tassel, full color and illustrations. You need to be able to chain stitch, join chain stitches with slip stitches and single crochet stitch, that’s it, very basic crochet stitches. If you are new to crochet, practice these stitches with thick yarn and an aluminum hook until you are comfortable working them. Then purchase a size 7 to 9 steel crochet hook and thinner thread such as DMC or Anchor pearl cotton #8 and #12, and practice until you are comfortable using them and you will find the class fun, easy and exciting. If you wait and learn to crochet a week or two right before the class, you will not have enough practice time prior to this class. Bead crochet is very easy as long as you have experience with these basic stitches. You will get hands on help whether you are right or left-handed. Beadwrangler classes include storytelling, free raffles for Beadwrangler goodies and lots more! I hope you will join me. See you in Miami! Check the Bead Expo website to see how to sign up for classes.

Bead Crochet and Beading are coming together beautifully and I will soon have an article up on Whatszat! Bead Crochet and Beading Together???

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